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Is your loved one struggling? We'll give them year-round care in a home they’ll truly love from just £900/ week*

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Welcome to Hill Barn Care Home

Welcome to Fairland House

If you’re looking for a care home near Sparham and have an elderly family member in need of your help – we understand the struggles you may be facing…

At Hill Barn, our team of carers specialises in caring for, and supporting the lives of vulnerable residents in the area, with their happiness and dignity in mind.

Welcome to Fairland House Care Home

Meet Hill Barn Care Home

For the last 10 years, our team at Hill Barn Care Home have been providing exceptional all-inclusive care for elderly residents in our beautiful, rustic-style home in Sparham.

We provide long-term all-inclusive care for elderly residents seeking care in a homely and peaceful environment. 

If you’re looking to take a short break from caring for your loved one, we offer short breaks and respite care spanning from a few days to numerous weeks.

If your loved one is suffering with Dementia, Alzheimers or an advanced condition, we offer advanced care to help them settle into a safer environment.

We’ve heard these stories countless times before. Our care home specialises in caring for, and prolonging the life of vulnerable residents in the area, with their dignity in mind.

Conditions we care for:

Old Age
Memory Loss

We provide exceptional care so your loved one can relax.

Furnished bedrooms, comfortable lounges, engaging activities, personalised care plans, and a team of exceptional staff who treat our residents like family. At Hill Barn, we’ve worked hard to ensure our home feels like a home and not an institute. 

We offer year-round care in a home designed for dignity and comfort

From our en-suite bedrooms, to our numerous lounges, our spacious gardens, home-cooked meals and our exceptional team of carers, at Hill Barn – our team has gone above and beyond to ensure every part of our home feels like a comfortable family home and never like an institute.

Comfortable rooms
Family-like environment

Furnished en-suite rooms

year-round activities

Home-cooked meals

Personalised care plans

Regular Entertainment

Sunny 2-acre gardens